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(plural) something that is observed to occur or exist; a remarkable thing.

PHENOMENA is a world-building tool for designers to create alternative concepts for planetary care.

Using gaming techniques, theatrical methods, and collaboration, participants are asked to imagine a world guided by their shared vision of what makes a planet meaningful to us and how can we sustain that remarkable feeling together?

Co-Creating Planetary Care

Planetary health is defined as the "the health of human civilization and the state of the natural systems on which it depends." Therefore, planetary care is our collective actions and attitudes in pursuing stable planetary health.

Co-design and participatory design encourage the cross-disciplinary collaboration required for planetary health research. They are methods that actively include all stakeholders in the design process, unlocking a plurality of world concepts.

A session of PHENOMENA played online via Miro. There are three participants on the screen.

Our Futures Through Joy

Many narratives set in the future — whether through forecasting or science fiction — are often presented as dystopian. Within this framework, fear becomes the catalyst for change. But how can we be certain that our solutions will lead to positive outcomes?

Joy is a radical act of thinking. If we approach design world building through meaningful play and positive storytelling, we can begin to envision our preferred futures and navigate the current pathways towards realizing them.

Four people in a grid format smiling

Experience the PHENOMENA

1. A guide will facilitate the session.
2. Participants will use their personal memories to discover world concepts.
3. The experience will lead to the generation of new designs for planetary care.

An example of a map from a play session
Yellow and pink tokens


Hexagonal game pieces used to mark each turn on the map

Recollection card


Cards that ask participants to recall a memory or experience

Discovery card


Cards that ask participants to discover new ideas

Design token


Tokens that initiate the design process

For Session Guides

Handbook for guides of play sessions to come!

Handbook for guides of play sessions

Dive Deeper

The following are a few resources used during the research phase of PHENOMENA:

Conversations on Planetary Health
World building from Alex McDowell
The World of Faraoyść
Audre Lorde on poetry for change

Worldbuilding mandala from Alex McDowell
White quote marks

Tomorrow belongs to those of us who conceive of it as belonging to everyone; who lend the best of ourselves to it, and with joy.


Explore the Maps

Journey through collective joy and discovery

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